Skitouring / Freetouring

Tuesday from 13:00am to 16:00 am: Half day Skitour to try

Here you will receive the basics of the Ski tour World. How to apply skins, binding functioning modes, and to make the first steps into “the off piste world”! To be an intermediate skier is required.

Starting at 60€ per person


Thursday: Beginner Ski / Split boarder Tour over 3000m

Every step will take you closer to the spectacular world above 3000m. It is a day that won’t be forgotten and the happiness of your accomplishments will go home with you!

Starting at 100€ per person


Friday: Ski / Split board tour to The Wildspitze 3774m

The highest mountain of Tirol “The Wildspitze!” The guide will lead you through Taschach Glacier; passing spectacular seracs and crevasses, till we leave our skis at the bottom of the SW ridge. The last 150m is a short climb to the Summit Cross!

Starting at 100€ per person


Skitour 10 8 13

3 days, 3 ridges, 3 3000m summits
In the south-west of the Pitztal an untouched glacier-world is streaching itself, which every ski tourer shoult visit. The starting point Pitztal is perfect for this tour, because you can take the mountain railway and skip the burdensome climb.


  1. day Wildspitze 3774m the highlight!
  2. day Fluchtkogel 3500m
  3. day Hochvernagtspitze 3539m


Friday: Meeting at 08:15 am at the glacier express Pitztal. Ascent with the railway to the Mittelberg Joch, from there we go ober the Taschach FErner to the Wildspitze 3774m (highest mountain in Tyrol). Downhill skiing over the Brochkogel Joch and Vernagtferner to Vernagt Hut.
Samstag: From the hut ober the Moränengelände und Guslar Ferner to the same named ridge and to the summit of the Fluchtkogel. The downhill route over the Guslar Ferner is a huge enjoyment and brings us back to the Vernagt Hut.
Sonntag: In the north our rout brings us over the Fernagt Ferner to the Hochvernagtspitze. After we conquer the ridge we ski down to the Sexten Joch. Back on the Pitztal side, we habe a spendid downhill route over the Sexegerten Ferne and past the Taschach Haus down into the Taschach Tal in front of us. The tour ends directly at the parking lot of the glacier express in Pitztal.

Difficulty of the tour:

easy to medium


Kondition für 800 Aufstiegs Höhenmeter pro Tag, Skierfahrung im moderaten Alpinen Gelände sollten vorhanden sein.


Normal ski-tour equipment; for the HUT: toilet articles, change of clothes, sleeping bag, slippers; safty: LVS, schovel, acalaunceh probe, climbing belt; crampons will be provided by us.


360€ per person inkl. mountain guide und safty equipment
is valid starting from 4 peaople




Registration and details:

lease register for the program you wish to do by 7pm the day before by phone or mail. Details for the activities are explained at registration.

+43 (0) 650 33 09 514

Safety Material: avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, crampons, ice axe, harness, helmet.
Additional charges with rental of mountain shoes, Airbag backpack, poles etc.

Short dated changes because of weather and conditions shall remain reserved.

Cost table for the above programs:

1 person
2 people
3 people
4 people
from 5 people

Day Tours:

Halfday Tours:

Certified Mountain and ski Guide
Safety material for the activity

Most activities are approx. 6 hours

Meeting point:
Will be given with registration


We are happy to provide you with teh right equipment for the respective activity.