Mountain Guides Family Eiter, house name "Juppm"

Family Eiter

The name Eiter occupies an important place in the mountain guide system in the Pitztal in the past as well as in the present. As early as the 1920s Josef Eiter, an uncle of my grandfather, practiced the mountain guide profession. He was followed by my grandfather, also known as "Jupp", who already led guests to the Western Alps in the 1960s. My grandfather Josef "Jupp" Eiter had eight children with my grandmother Elisabeth Eiter, of which my father Isidor was the eldest, followed by my uncle Helmut, Alfred, and Ernst also learned the beautiful profession of mountain guide.

Since my successful completion of the Austrian mountain and ski instructor training in the summer of 2009 I live the tradition of the Juppm mountain guides in the 4th generation. I am proud of my ancestors and I hope that I can carry the name Eiter as the most active mountain guide of our family for a long time into the mountains.

Papa Isidor, Fredl, Ernst, Helmut

my grandfather Josef "Jupp" Eiter

Urban, I and Papa Isidor at the foot of the Tachachferner

Urban and I

URBAN EITER 27.6.1987 - 7.6.2007

In June 2007, we suffered a heavy blow of fate.
My brother Urban Eiter, a very good climber and alpinist, climbed the Watzespitze am
Kaunergrad fell through a rock outcrop in the depths and died.
He was not only a brother to me, but also my best friend and climbing partner.

Hereby I would like to remind him - he is always with me on my tours as a guardian angel.

Urban with Papa as the youngest mountaineer
of all times at the Matterhorn